Requirements to meet for an E-Visa for Indian Citizens

You are eligible to apply for an e-Visa in a specific country only if your Indian passport meets the necessary e-Visa requirements for that particular destination. Some countries may have additional criteria, which you should verify on their official websites.

The e-Visa system has significantly expedited border processing for travelers because e-Visas are pre-approved. All you need at the border is for the immigration officer to confirm that you possess the required documents and stamp your passport.

Here is a list of standard documents that you will typically need to provide:

  • A digital photograph.
  • A valid passport with at least six months of validity beyond your planned arrival date in the foreign country.
  • Personal and travel information, including proof of travel arrangements,
    accommodation details, return ticket, etc.
  • Completed e-Visa application form.
  • Proof of online payment receipt.

Depending on the specific country, there may be additional information or documents required, so it is crucial to thoroughly review the official government websites before initiating your e-Visa application.

Apply for your visa in just 3 simple steps:

To initiate the online application process, simply use any internet-connected device. Ensure that you fulfill all the specified requirements for your chosen destination and your country of origin.

Once you’ve gathered the necessary documents, choose your desired destination from the menu and follow these steps to complete your application:

Complete the application form

Provide your personal details, email address, passport information, the purpose of your travel, and any other required information. Additionally, attach any necessary supplementary documents.

You can also contact us at 9971195699 and our team of experts will help you with your application form.

Make an online payment

Easily pay the visa processing fee using one of the available online payment methods. Once your payment is confirmed, proceed to the next step.

Check your email inbox

Shortly after your application is approved, your processed eVisa will be delivered to your email inbox. To ensure a seamless and prompt delivery, please ensure you provide the correct email address in the application form.

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